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Product Care Guidelines For Resin Artworks And Tableware

Thank for purchasing one of my Original Artworks or Hand-Crafted Items of Home Decor.

None of my products is mass-produced. Each of them is individually crafted and made by my own hands. As such, they need to be treated kindly.

Proper care is crucial to ensuring that your Artwork or other resin art items stay beautiful.

Below you can find the recommendations that are intended to help with basic care of my products.

Care and Cleaning

Original Resin Artworks

    Vibrant Abstract Teal and Pink Painting With Epoxy Resin and Sea shells


    It's not recommended to:

    • Clean with aggressive products;
    • Rub and scrub with course materials;
    • Place over heat-producing objects (e.g. stove, fireplace) due to the possible  softening of the resin when it comes in contact with heat;
    • Leave in direct sunlight for a long time;
    • Hang in damp areas like laundry, shower, bathroom, etc. Steam can create dampness which may subsequently lead to fungus growth.

      What is the best way to look after resin art paintings?

    • You can use gentle dusting with a dry cloth or with a special duster-broom;
    • Check the hooks used for hanging every couple of months;
    • When transporting the painting, use gloves and cover it with a soft cloth or paper sheet. It is strongly advised to use bubble wrap.


    Kitchenware (coasters, boards, trays, plates, and stands)

    Stylish Resin Coasters and Lifestyle Items Made With Epoxy Resin

     It is not recommended to:

    • Wash the items in a dishwasher;
    • Clean with aggressive products;
    • Rub and scrub with course materials;
    • Place very hot objects (over 80C) on them;
    • Leave in direct sunlight or in water for a long time;
    • Cut with the knife or stab with sharp objects.